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Versona organizes fatbike, skinbased, kicksled, canoeing and hiking safaris in the  all Regions in Central Finland throughout the year. Our bases loacated in Leivonmäki national park, Varjola resort in Laukaa and Jyväskylä.  We create unforgettable experiences on nature’s terms, making sure our safaris are safe to both our guests and wildlife. We love our Finnish forest because it has an amazing source of energy. It embraces you in revitalizing silence and awakens all five senses. After a few hours of biking and other activites in the wild, you feel completely relaxed

FatBike Fun in Winter
First impressions: Weird bikes with sporty look and extra thick tires. Our group is about to embark on a 3-hour fat bike safari into the Finnish wilderness. I have butterflies in my stomach: I have never ridden a fat bike in my life. We start off and travel softly over rocks and tree roots. I never imagined riding in snow could be so much fun!

Soon I’m ready to take my ride up a notch, jumping over obstacles and pedaling faster along the trail. Our guide tells us everyone can ride according to the level of comfort: it’s ok to just ride along and leave tricks to those who love them.

After an hour, we arrive at a campfire. I can’t stop admiring the winter wonderland around us. The fresh snow muffles even the sound of our footsteps. I sit on a log by the fire watching the sparks fly up into the sky.

I let the peace and quiet soothe my soul. We hold moose sausages on sticks over the fire while we wait for the campfire coffee to settle and tea to infuse. Hot sausages taste so good. Our guide unwraps more Finnish delicacies, making sure no-one goes hungry. Then something for the sweet tooth: cinnamon rolls with fresh campfire coffee. Best coffee ever.

A refreshing 45-minute break and several photos later, we hop back on our fat bikes. Another hour of riding ahead of us. We are ready to tackle the more challenging part of our journey. The terrain becomes hilly and tests how fast we dare to ride. I’m glad fat bikes have great brakes. It seems like a good idea to go easy on the front brake, as the bike stops fast when you hit the handle.

We ride down a very narrow path. Trees bow under the snow’s weight forming an amazing archway for us to ride through. I stop to take pictures for my friends back home.

They are not gonna believe this! These narrow paths win my heart. Instead of speeding along, you get a full-body workout without even noticing.

As the evening draws near, we turn on our battery-powered bike lights. I’m riding near the front; looking back, I see a string of lights following me down the hill like giant fireflies. We stop for a brief photo session and admire the sunset. Only a few kilometers left: our safari is soon drawing to a close. When we started, someone in the group was worried whether we could manage the 20-kilometer safari, but it’s been so much fun, I could easily ride another 10 km.

As the safari ends, we are greeted by the warmth of a sauna. Sitting in the soft heat of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna, I consider plunging into the lake through a hole in the ice. After all the excitement and exercise, I’m pretty sure I will sleep like a baby tonight.

Try it: you’ll know what I mean.

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